Are you wasting countless hours and dollars, spinning your wheels & feeling frustrated, and buying one product after another... without ever seeing any real results online?

It's time to STOP!

Lynn Terry I'm Lynn Terry, author of ClickNewz, and I've  been working online full-time for 17 years. My online revenue is my sole source of income.

By popular demand, I finally decided to teach
my own step-by-step process for starting and
running a successful niche business online.

You'll love how fast my own "Niche Success Blueprint" helps you make money online!

Ready To Start Making Money Online With Proven Step-by-Step
"Start to Profit" Training?

Now you can finally get the help you need so you can have
a FUN online business that actually makes you money!

If you can relate to what Linda said, you'll be really glad you landed on this page. I'll help you stop spinning your wheels and get started today!

I have often said that a step-by-step blueprint for creating a profitable online business was practically impossible to find (or create) because of the constant changes and evolution of the web...

I'm always getting asked to share exactly what I do and how I do it, so I decided to teach my own (proven) methods in great detail this year.

After much thought, I came up with a workable method to create and deliver this training so that it will be both timely and relevant, with the absolute most current strategies (that I'm using myself).

This training will walk you through the "detailed how-to steps" (that actually work today) so you can finally have a profitable money-making online business in 2014!

"Finally! NO one teaches this better than you! I've been learning from you for years and I've checked out practically every other program on ways to make money on the internet.

Most of them just want to get you in the door, show you just enough to make you think it can work, but not enough to do it yourself, then upsell you on the next greatest "secret sauce". You really teach what you do and do what you teach. You waaaaaay over deliver what you promise and do what it takes to help get people making it happen for them, too! Thank you so much for being so open about how to do what you do!"
                                                                                                                    -Lori Boyko

"Niche Marketing" is more than just Affiliate Marketing, by the way...

It's no secret that I'm a well-known Super Affiliate, but I have been really branching out in my own niches for the last few years, creating a wider variety of consistent and profitable revenue sources.

Most "online business courses" you'll find online are totally outdated in my opinion AND in my personal experience.

Things have changed dramatically over the years when it comes to online business. Everything you may have learned about research, competitive analysis, and even niche selection has... changed!

I can show you why, and also show you how these changes will give you a huge advantage in 2014 - and going forward. While most people are complaining, getting frustrating, throwing their hands up in the air, and even quitting(!)... I have been quietly leveraging all the changes. ;-)

There's something else you shoud know too: Many of the courses, guides, teachings, coaching offers, webinars, events, etc - are offered by people who are not actually doing what they teach. Ack!

Make sure the person you choose to learn from has actual experience (and success) at what they are teaching YOU. This is one of the reasons you'll find so much outdated material and misinformation about Online Business on the internet - many people are just repeating what they've heard from others with no real personal experience (sadly).

If you're not familiar with me already,
feel free to open a new tab and Google me (Lynn Terry) and/or ask around for feedback. I've been working online and "in the trenches" for 17 years, and am well known for my success as a Professional Blogger and Super Affiliate.

Niche Success Blueprint teaches you what to do, why you should do it, and exactly HOW to do it. Step by step. You'll get to follow my own successful model every step of the way...

Is This Right For YOU?

Niche Success Blueprint is a "start to profit" course, teaching you how to get started making money online from step one. It's great for total beginners if you are looking for a solid starting point without outdated material and ridiculous hype.

But it's also ideal if you have been studying or even working at starting an online business - but haven't quite figured it out yet, or you aren't making the money online that you hoped to by now.

You'll get to learn from me directly on a weekly basis, with "right now" current information, and work through every single step of setting up YOUR online business and getting it into profit as fast as possible.

What You Can Expect:

Every Friday you will receive a PDF training module detailing what you should do next in
your online business, why you should do it,
and exactly how to do it - so you can easily
follow the steps and get it done.

You'll receive the first training module instantly after you sign up, with each new module arriving weekly every Friday after that.

The course will run on weekly modules for an
entire year, keeping you on track and 
toward maximum niche profit potential.

Of course you'll start earning money much sooner, but I'll continue training you on more advanced strategies throughout your first year so you are fully prepared and equipped to be super successful in your niche! :)

The reason I am delivering this complete
"start to profit" course
in an ongoing weekly
series is because things change fast. I want
to give you the most relevant step-by-step
training that works NOW. This will be the
most up-to-date course you have ever taken!

I'm also a BIG believer in implementing as you
go. There's no way to learn everything
(with the constantly evolving web), as things 

will be outdated by the time you "get ready". 

With Niche Success Blueprint you'll learn what 
you need to know, do what you need to do,
and "learn as you go" so you can start earning
money online faster.

No overwhelm, no learning unnecessary or outdated information, no time wasted - just fast "easy to do" steps to build a successful online
business in a profitable niche! And I will be right there with you through your entire first year, all the way from start to profit. :-)

The program starts from the very beginning so it's ideal for a total beginner, but it will still be of interest to anyone in any niche that is looking to improve and grow their online business this year.

Even the basics that are covered in the beginning will provide creative ideas and strategic tips for those with an established blog or business. Particularly in regards to new revenue sources, keyword strategies, and improving conversions.

The first training module covers in-depth niche selection exercises, a bonus business objectives worksheet and more. The second module covers how to research market depth, how to identify buyers in your niche, how to examine the “intent” of your market, and ways you can potentially serve that market.

All of this will help you narrow down your ideas and select the perfect niche for your online business. For established business owners, it will help you discover new ways to serve your market, target buyers specifically, and find new ways to increase your revenue more quickly.

You'll continue working through the process step-by-step with detailed tutorials and assignments every week from getting started, getting traffic, making sales, then move on to increasing your traffic & revenue strategically.

You can benefit a lot from this course even if you already have your site set up. You'll learn important tweaks that can make a big difference, research tricks that open up tons of creative ideas for getting more traffic and making more money, and of course taking your site to maximum profit potential as quickly as possible.

While it's ideal if you want to get started and actually start making money this year - by creating a real business online with long-term profit potential - it's also ideal for you if you're not yet seeing the traffic or income you would like.

Q: Will we need to have or purchase certain tools to complete any of your tasks? There are some very good, but expensive keyword searching tools, as well for other tasks, on the market and I was wondering if you are recommending we purchase any of those?

A: No, I don't use a lot of add-ons, software, or expensive tools in MY business. In fact, I use a free keyword research tool which I'll be showing you how to use in detail - both for choosing a niche, and for finding ways to target actual buyers in your niche. No worries about expensive tools/programs - everything I do is easy, free, inexpensive and totally organic! :-)

There are 52 training modules in this course, delivered weekly each Friday for a full year. Your course will begin today when you sign up.

The price? A total no-brainer: It's only $37/month or $199/year.

The one-time payment is obviously a much better deal, as it comes out to around $16.59/month - which is a huge $245 savings!

You'll receive your first training module instantly so you can get started as soon as today. It's a FUN, easy course that you'll actually enjoy!

This is a highly detailed blueprint, very step-by-step, super easy to follow and implement, and of course it's insanely affordable.

My goal is to have you IN PROFIT fast, with a successful online business within the 2014 year, if you start now...

If you're ready to FINALLY have a profitable, fun, successful online business then go ahead and sign up so you can start today!

Choose Your Preferred Option:

Niche Success Blueprint -Single Payment

Order the complete step-by-step weekly course for a one-time
payment of only $199 above to save $245 and avoid recurring
monthly payments. 
Or pay as you go for just $37/month:

Niche Success Blueprint -Enroll Monthly

The course runs for 52 weeks, with new training modules delivered
every  week.
Save $245 with the one-time payment, or pay monthly.

Want to hear what other people are saying about Niche Success Blueprint? Feedback from early 2014:

"I really like the NSB modules. They are well written and cover the topic, but not too much information that they are overwhelming. A great way to develop a profitable niche site."  -Peter in Vancouver
"As always, Lynn "delivers the goods" with Niche Success Blueprint. It's what I needed; a thorough, detailed tutorial for getting my blog up and running again. And a ton of encouragement, too. Just a couple of tips in the Niche Success Blueprint lessons helped me present my niche to more readers.
                                                Thanks, Lynn." -Gene Belmont,
"Lynn, I am so excited to be a part of your Niche Success Blueprint training.  I finally feel a sense of direction and connection to a real, honest mentor! The lessons are very detailed, easy to understand, easy to implement, and relevant to what I need to learn to start my biz. 

One of my favorite lessons is the one on creating categories and slugs correctly.  I don't know of any other mentor that has approached this subject and I am so glad you did, because I have most of mine wrong.  Now I have the chance to fix them before I get too far.  Thanks, you are a true life/biz saver!!"
                                                    -Kathryn Alexander,
"In the past I have purchased domains and just started blogging without much thought. Even though my “blogging” websites do well, I realized from your course just how much money I am leaving on the table by omitting simple yet very important steps.

I love that I am “doing” as I go and not just “reading” and then trying to figure it out from there. This course is awesome because you explain everything we need to do step by step, plus you make it easy to understand."

                                                                   - Cynthia Overfield,
"So far I am loving the weekly training.  It is the right balance between learning and action taking.  I think it is all too easy to buy a course and then leave it sitting there because it is just too big a task to get going and finish it.

The main thing that stood out for me so far is the market research part. I think this can seem a little like a dark art if you have seen any of the training from the IM crowd over the last few years and I think it's one of the main barriers to people getting going.

Your one module on this smashed it out of the park with quick and easy techniques to find profitable niches and buyers within those niches. Definitely the 20% that you need to know to bring you 80% of the results!!!"
                                                                                 -Lee Turner,
"I have been investigating ways to build an online business since 2010. I have purchased numerous training items & courses to which all have generated more questions than they answered. 

I came across Lynn Terry's site by chance about 8 months ago & have been quietly reading & watching how she operates online. I came to respect her methods & offerings as a business woman with ethics, as well as a keen sense of humor. So when I received her email about this "Niche Success Blueprint" tutorial I jumped at the opportunity to work with her.

Lynn's idea to offer these modules on a weekly basis is genius. It alleviates the feeling of information overload when you are only receiving bite sized, step by step pieces that are extremely detailed & focused on your success

After over 3 years of searching I have now chosen my niche & purchased my first domain all thanks to Lynn's tutelage. I look forward to working with Lynn over this next year, & for years to come. Business can only get better from here!  

Order this course, you will not be disappointed.

"I've read through a lot of "how to" blogging manuals and courses over the past few years, but your Niche Success Blueprint really takes it to a simple level that I didn't think was possible. It's easy to read, easy to understand, has plenty of examples and resources for topics I want to know more about (or don't understand). And better than that, it's a checklist course... so all I have to do is mark things off as I go... Awesome! As for the 52 week plan idea.

I'm loving it
. With most courses, I start feeling behind really fast. When I have an entire course at one time, I feel like I should be implementing it as fast as I'm able to read it. Obviously that's not going to happen. With Niche Success Blueprint, I have an entire week to get things done, regardless of how fast or slow I've read this week's lesson. That make it much less overwhelming for me! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the year's lessons! Thanks!"
                                                                                             -Debi Jones,
"This course rocks! I am loving the work as you go process. Even though I started last year and had already picked my niche (with your help), the first 3 modules were a good review to help me plug some gaps I'd miss. Module 4 hits me right where I am -- content topics, and it is great to have all the steps and information in one source to work through.

This is just what I needed.
Now, every Friday I'm looking forward to moving forward! 
"I’m loving the Niche Success Blueprint Course. The weekly modules break everything down so moving forward is not so overwhelming.  It works just
like following a recipe
, which is ‘sort of’ like the site I’m developing from this course.  The site will develop each week as the course unfolds...great stuff."

                                                                                  -Bo Johnson,
"Hi Lynn, I'm loving the pace of this course. A weekly lesson gives me plenty of time to study and learn all the steps, yet I know another one is coming in seven days, so I better get on it. I already had a website that I have worked on for a year and your course is teaching me news ways to expand it.

Every Friday I watch the my inbox for the next lessons. Thank you again."
"I am really impressed with Niche Success Blueprint (NSB) because of the way it takes things step by step - in manageable weekly pieces, not too overwhelming for the busy professional or the struggling newbie!

The modules are easy to read and understand and I appreciate all the extra information provided to supplement the lessons. I also like the fact that we are encouraged to read and implement, read and implement.

I look forward to receiving the new module each week and really feel I can build my business by continuing through the process with NSB. Thank you so much, Lynn, for putting together such a great program to help others."

                   -Sheri Prest-Herman, &
"I am not brand new to internet marketing, but I would say that I recently found myself overwhelmed and with lots of information overload. I couldn't help thinking that even after having some success (making some money), I still needed to more or less start over and go step by step to insure my business is set up the right way, and monetized to earn income for the long term. 

I love this program because it teaches WHAT TO DO and it's designed for you to actually DO IT. So you access the weekly content and then you go do the work. Lynn has a lot of years of experience and teaches what works now and what will continue to work so that anyone who is interested can build their own internet based business." 
                                                                         -Vicki Zerbee,
"I recently started a new niche site I am very excited about. I set up the site and did a few posts. Then I hit a wall about what to do next. I decided to stop and read through Lynn's Blueprint.

I couldn't believe it!
It was like Lynn read my mind and told me 
exactly what I needed to do next. While doing my "homework" I discovered directions I can take my site that I would have never thought of on my own

In addition, I have lots of post topics ready to go.  I now know what I need to do and how to do it! I just can't wait for Friday to get here so I can get my next module!"

           -Sherry Smothermon-Short, &
If you're ready to FINALLY have a profitable, fun, successful online business - go ahead and sign up so you can start today!

Choose Your Preferred Option:

Niche Success Blueprint -Single Payment

Order the complete step-by-step weekly course for a one-time
payment of only $199 above to save $245 and avoid recurring
monthly payments. 
Or pay as you go for just $37/month:

Niche Success Blueprint -Enroll Monthly

The course runs for 52 weeks, with new training modules delivered
every  week.
Save $245 with the one-time payment, or pay monthly.
"Hi Lynn, thank you, this course is wonderful. It is logical, practical, well written and easy to understand.

But what I really like the most is how you encourage those participating to implement the strategies and ideas as they work through the course. Which I think is a great way to stay motivated and to keep working through as the results start to happen with effort taken, thank you!
                                                                                                       -Johanna Lemke

I look forward to teaching you the successful methods and strategies I use myself , and helping you start a successful online business and/or take your existing site to maximum profit potential!

Lynn Terry

p.s. What are you waiting for? If you've been wanting to make money online, or already have a site but want to figure out how to make GOOD money with it, now is the time to get started...

Every day that passes is just another day that you WISH you were enjoying the "internet lifestyle" you really want... I'm living it myself, and there's NO reason you can't do the same. Beginning today! :)

p.p.s. I'm confident you'll love the Niche Success Blueprint as much as everyone else has so far. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If for some reason you feel this training series is not for you, I will happily refund your purchase within the first 30 days, which gives you plenty of time to study it in detail and start seeing results.

"I have purchased products from Lynn, joined her Mastermind Group and have had one-on-one coaching with her. I'm so excited about this course as well as future products from her. She is awesome and produces high-quality content that is suitable for beginners as well as people who already have experience with running an online business."
                                                                -Lauri Wakefield,

Questions? You can reach Lynn Terry personally at

Legal Disclaimer: By law I cannot imply, promise, suggest, project or guarantee anything related to your earnings or lack of, with respect to your purchase of the Niche Success Blueprint course. While I truly believe anyone can follow the steps offered and earn money online by applying them as presented, your results will depend on a variety of factors outside my control including your: work ethic, motivation, desire, business practices and the time you invest.